Does ‘passable’ trump perfection?


It’s better to act than to ponder!

I am constantly encouraging company owners and senior executives to act before they feel their work is perfect. For many, this perspective is hard to understand but the truth behind business success, and living the life you want is that much of the polishing of your IP comes on the job. It is obvious that through practicing your work you get so much better at it, you hone it to the point where you are delivering it at a level you had hoped you might be, or even better than that, before you started.

Get started sooner rather than later

Watching successful people I admire, I am certain that the simple act of getting started is key. I know too that procrastination has held me back at times because I was too obsessed with getting things right instead of getting them done. The result has been missed opportunities and probably a less than ideal perception of the value I can bring to a person’s career or their business. This is a critical point; we must develop a strong bias for action rather than perfection. I don’t mean lose quality control, but we don’t need to be 100% perfect every time either – just get your work, and your thinking out there for others to soak up and you will do yourself a massive favour.

Great positioning demands evidence

If you want to be seen as a subject matter expert, or better still an ‘authority’ in your chosen field, you need to have a body of work you can draw upon as evidence that you know your stuff. More importantly it should demonstrate that you practice what you preach, positioning is a game of “walk the talk”.

My good friend, and founder of Thought Leaders Global, Matt Church, believes you must obsess about this. You have to keep at it and the more you do the better your reputation grows and that serves you in ways no other action can. Having just spent 2 days with over 100 brilliant professionals at Thought Leaders Business School in Melbourne, I know this to be true.

My focus this quarter is on action and I’ll see what it delivers. How about you?

Rod Buchecker

Rod Buchecker is an expert in helping people find the clarity they need in order to be successful. 

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