Lost your focus?


Does it really matter that much?

That depends – if we commit to doing something and people then expect it of us, it can be the ‘kiss of death’ if we don’t deliver as we say we will. If on the other hand it’s a nice to do and there is no obvious commercial aspect to the action, maybe it doesn’t have any severe ramifications. However, what is beyond doubt is the fact that we serve ourselves well if we respect the concept of maintaining the new context in which people consider us, once we have cemented new behaviours. That is the key and it requires tenacity.

Tenacity is a hallmark of success!

All the great game-changers of our time know that persistence is a necessary part of a high achievers character. They know what they want or need to do and they stick at it. But such tenacity is something more than mere dogged commitment; it is action with true dedication because there is a prize at the end of it. There-in lies the difference between those who truly succeed and those who simply have a crack.

This level of focus comes from clarity

We know that clarity feeds conviction and it fuels the courage within us that leads to better decision-making.  We should be doing all we can to ensure we keep our eye on the prize, the key reason we are doing what we do; because when we are fully engaged it is not hard to stick to the main game. For high-achievers this is a given; they have an unwavering belief in what they’re trying to build, and they tenaciously pursue success at every opportunity.

If you’ve lost your focus, don’t despair, just re-visit what success really means to you and you’ll almost certainly get the clarity you need to switch back on.

Rod Buchecker

Rod Buchecker is an expert in helping people find the clarity they need in order to be successful.