Searching for clarity?



One of the biggest issues I help people with when I am mentoring and coaching is creating clarity around strengths and weaknesses. I spend a lot of time on this with new consultants and senior executives so that we can kick-start their journey to success as early as possible. This clarity usually comes in the form of just one word.

Less is more!

There’s power in owning a word! When you are building clarity around your offering, either for you or the company you represent, you need to narrow your focus. If you try to stand for everything, you’ll stand for nothing. How often have we seen companies try to cram too many offers into their catalogues or their retail ads? The result is people switch off because they become confused or overwhelmed, the temptation to show everything in your arsenal only serves to alienate.

Once you have clarity, live your word

At Thought Leaders Global, we are very focused on helping people find the one word that best represents their core offering. We believe that doing this forms the very foundation of success and the more you live it, the more immersed you are in it, the more you will become an expert in that space. This leads to much better positioning, you become know for just one thing, and you broaden your appeal as a result. How valuable is that?

Clarity is rewarding!

It seems hard to own a word, but the truth is most brands don’t focus on doing this. Those that do are incredibly successful: if I asked which car was known for “safety” you could tell me, which supermarket was known for “fresh”, you could tell me, and which pasta company gives you the “grin”, you could tell me. When we own a word, great things are possible.

People who want just the one thing you stand for will become your advocates, clients will come to you, you don’t have to sell as hard and your marketing effort is focused only on leveraging the power of your word. That makes for incredibly focused activity and powerful engagement with your target audience.

Find the clarity that will give you focus.


Rod Buchecker is an expert in helping people find what they need to focus on in order to be successful.