So, now you know what you want…


How badly do you want it?

Once you’ve found clarity and you know what you want, you need to test the validity of your mission. In order to focus effectively, you have to prove to yourself, and others who will help you succeed that your chosen path will be unwavering. You are on a mission to live a life that rocks – to do the work you love, with people you like, the way you want. It’s nirvana if you can achieve it, so the prize is great, but what that means in actual practice is that you must prove without doubt that this is the game you want to play.

To prove or disprove?

When I help people with establishing a personal practice there is a primary protocol I insist on; before we do anything we must first spend time uncovering what it is that really drives them. I treat this as the most important session of each and every personal mentoring program. We make sure we are really clear about this as it will undoubtedly shape the way the person develops his or her personal intellectual property.

Stay true to your WHY

In any professional services practice you inevitably create a body of work to call your own. It’s your IP and your ‘why’ is what shapes it. You have to honour it, stay true to it, because ‘authenticity’ will be the end result.  Authenticity means focus becomes automatic; you’ll never be something you’re not and that is the essence of creating a successful practice.

Authenticity lives with conviction

If you want something badly enough it’s fair to say you will have a good dose of conviction around it. You have decided that this is a must do. It is often the case however that you will still have some doubts, but you need to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’. Finding your ‘why’ gives you the conviction to not only have a go, it also creates a massive foundation for how you live your life. It cannot be underestimated in the mix of what it takes to be successful.

So how about you, how badly do you want it?

Rod Buchecker

Rod Buchecker is an expert in helping people find the clarity they need in order to be successful.