What is holding you back?


It’s not unusual for people to have lingering doubts about their ability to make a difference. It could be related to their self worth, some knowledge they have, or a specific situation they face in the job they’re in. I see it almost everyday; people who have amazing ability to shape the world they’re in – but they don’t.

FEAR is often what drives this, but we can beat it

Often we bottle these thoughts up; we’re scared to expose ‘stuff’ and we either refuse to talk about it, or skirt around it. We don’t want to be embarrassed or risk a ‘career-limiting’ move.

Such fear is debilitating. It holds you back and stops you from daring to believe.  Indecision sets in, closely followed by procrastination. All those dreams you had get parked while you rebuild your confidence, and some are never realised.

To HELL with that

You will have heard this before, but I reckon you should “feel the fear and do it anyway”. You’ll never know if you don’t have a go and if you keep doing the same thing, what is going to change? Confront these fears and push through them, it’s easier once you start. Momentum builds momentum and the simple act of starting a new journey is a massive first step. It’s a statement of your intent and a way to beat fear.

Kill the fear and you can start to FOCUS

BELIEF in a bigger future comes from knowing you have something others may want. If you know what drives you, you’ll be able to focus on further developing your subject matter expertise so that others will readily see its value and reward you for it. Like the sound of that? It’s possible and there’s no need to wait.

Rod Buchecker

Rod Buchecker is an expert in helping people find the clarity they need in order to be successful.